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the unexpected costs that may arise! A pleasant way to explore the sites of a city or a country is to drive the car. You can ride with the car in hard to reach places, that are possible with the public buses or trams, and you can choose above all himself when “and at what pace. However, this kind of freedom can sometimes come with an unexpected price tag. Many people are unaware of the hidden costs of the rental car provider. This article gives some tips and advice that you should read before renting a car. The selected car rental providers damage report should always be, before you drive away with the car, draw up a detailed report, that captures existing damage of the car. He should create a new report again after you return the car have. Best you check directly with the provider’s report, to ensure that all existing damage have been recorded, and not for these existing damage be asked to the spot.

Request a copy of the damage report of the car so that you do not pay for damages that were present even before the hiring. Check the fuel policy issues you the rental car provider over the fuel policy, because some providers will ask you to leave the car with an empty tank, you still have to pay for a full tank of fuel. For some renter, this means that they pay for fuel, they do not consume himself. Make aware about the fuel policy, and be not surprised if she will be charged in addition. Check the mileage policy in most places will lead the rental car provider an unlimited mileage policy. This means that you can continue indefinitely much that without additional costs will arise.

However, there are some providers, which give a mileage limits, and provide the additional kilometres charged, if this limit is exceeded. Be sure to read the fine print! Find out about the laws inform himself about the roads regulations and laws in the countries or the places where you will drive. For road traffic offences fines can be used by up to 1000 on the spot, especially if alcohol is in the game! Be not surprised by these fines and consult before travel and rental of the existing regulations of the country in a timely manner. Many car rental companies have tight schedules for their rolling stock return of the vehicle, especially during the holiday season. For this reason, cost for a full day rental may apply on a late return of the car. Be smart and ask for safety’s sake, when are the opening hours for the return of the car. Sometimes, the car must be returned on the day before, to avoid extra costs. Insurance? What costs your insurance covers aware, be! Do you have an additional retention policy? But don’t expect that it It covers everything. The off road driving is often excluded. If you are not convinced, visit British Petroleum. Please therefore always aware what is included in your insurance and nowhere drive, could void your policy. written by Sarita, eMietwagen.

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