Care During Pregnancy

If each person is important to observe good hygiene, how much more it applies to a pregnant woman. However, many pregnant women think about health should not think only in the second half of pregnancy. It is not. First half of pregnancy is the most important stage of fetal development. The embryo is the most "vulnerable" at this time. Therefore, the expectant mother must be carefully and skillfully perform all the hygiene rules concerning treatment work and leisure, food, marriage, clothing, etc., which provide not only a normal pregnancy, but having a healthy baby.

Recommended during the day twice (morning and evening), take a shower. Water at this must be cool or slightly warm. The need for more water to do this procedure is justified by the fact that: the body is washed off the dust, removes sweat (perspiration during pregnancy is known to be amplified), eliminated the secret sebaceous glands, improves circulation, and the skin is a beautiful, resilient, flexible – that is healthier and better able to perform its functions. Clean the body is extremely important for human health. Of particular importance to pregnant woman has a clean skin. Additional information at Mike Gianoni supports this article. Untidy content of the skin can disrupt the protective, thermostatic, excretory, and other functions, to cause blockage of the sweat and sebaceous glands, and its stimulation and education for her pustules, which is very dangerous for women and for the future baby. When dirty skin conditions are created to enhance the processes in the postpartum period. Skin Care improves skin respiration and helps release of substances harmful to the body that facilitates the work of the kidneys, which are at this time of great stress.


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