Catalan Works

This revived in me a doubt that for a long time has been going up to around the understanding to me:It does not have a curator who to be open and to the hunting of possible artists of talent? I know by all means that often they must see and support authentic messes; but this one would have to be an important part of its work that would have to realise, even, with passion, as if it was an archaeologist who anxiety to find some treasure hidden. On the following day we had to return to Barcelona, but we made a last attempt in the galleries of rue du Seine and rue of Gungaud in Saint Germain. That day was something better, we saw the work of some artists comforted who us after the undergone offenses.But that prices, mother mine! It is not strange to me that the passers-by stay remote of the art galleries. Later we had the luck to know a Catalan girl who works in one of the galleries whose work reanimated to us. It watched my work and attention carefully, and I believe that sincerely it pleased to him.

It told some us of the impressions of his new life in the French capital and we could speak with her of our deceptions, our perceptions and our artistic misfortune in Paris. It included/understood to us, animated to us, it consoled to us and it spoke of some things of the world of the art to us and the contacts. Ah, contacts! How beautiful and wished word for an artist! I would like to end a message something more hopeful, more positive, am not that they are going to me to erase of radical, negative, pessimist. I have been able to enjoy in Paris some contemporary works very good quality, great creativity, great expressive beauty. Yes, also in the present art very good artists exist, why he would not have to have them? The times change but the emotions are the same of as long as an artist of talent it works with the heart, that is to say emotion, sincerity and with the understood good office, the result always is surprising and arrives at the most deep from the soul. That nobody is going to think that the art hides solely behind galleries and sterilized and unpollluted museums, framed in astronomical numbers solely within reach of privileged. The art can be there, here, in any dusty corner. and kind to its call is only necessary to be receptive.


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