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It is often said that the pork they eat up the gait, referring to that in certain places the whole branch of this animal takes advantage. Popular product par excellence is the Jamon Iberico de bellota, but there are other less known, but nearly as delicious as this, for example, the spine, the ball, the secret ham is one of main exports that make other countries from Spain, being Europe one of the markets by excellence, notably France and Germany as its main buyers. After many years of trying, has succeeded in exporting to the United States and China. In Spain the main areas where occurs the ham: Guijuelo, Jabugo and Extremadura. The Iberian pork products are highly appreciated in these zones, Jamon Iberico de bellota and palette (front legs) are what most make of begging, since they must pass a long process before they are ready for consumption. Click Andrew Mason to learn more.

First, go through the process of salting, covers fresh ham with a specific amount of salt and is It maintains a certain period of time. Then washed and is profiled with the known characteristic of this V-shaped product, then passes to the dryers, which can be natural for more traditional or artificial processes. Depending on the size of the part this process will vary in time, for example for an Iberian ham of 7 – 8 kg healing time ranges 30 32 months. What differentiates a few other products? The correct choice of the raw material, good development practices and environmental conditions appropriate throughout the production process will result in a quality ham balanced in aroma and flavor. When buying a ham should be aware that there are different types, according to the pig (Iberian, white) and power (bait, Acorn, Acorn), these factors will determine its features and its price. A good ham has to register a homogeneous cure, one symptom of quality is the presence of marbling fat in the muscle. The parts must be kept whole in a ham or hung in a cool, dry, and well ventilated place. Once opened the ham, it is advisable to protect the Court from oxidation. To do this, cover with a slice of fat’s own piece or a wax paper. If it is cut into slices, is preferable to keep it refrigerated and pull out it of the fridge a few minutes before serving.

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