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In Touch the opportunity to create a conference call dialog messages, analog conferencing in Skype, and icq. For me, it seemed that the function for this site was useful, though, but uncomfortable. In this article we take a look at such as the look of the conference and how to create them. You do not need to read mode communication was interactive, but in normal mapping is not routinely send and receive messages is not convenient. Joining the conference is without requesting permission to retire by clicking on the cross next to the name of the dialog box. Here's a conference on the 'My Messages': The arrival of new messages, sounds an alert that You can if you want to disable. Privacy settings are set for the conference are the same as for my posts. If the settings are allowed to receive messages from strangers, respectively, an invitation to the conference also allowed.

To create such an interactive chat room, switches to interactive mode (if not done previously). Further, in the upper right corner there is a 'send message' by clicking on which will appear in the same button Choose several interviewees. Click on this link and choose your own companions, who will carry on a conversation. The choices are all, even if your friend is not available in the contact. You can prescribe the name of the conversation, and then click on 'Create a conversation. " If you do not list the name, then the caption will be the names of participants. That's all you have created your interactive chat. In these chats, you can attach photos, interviews, videos and more. Hopefully, that will soon be possible to video creators. Did you notice that VKontakte constantly copies known to all features from other sites? Moreover, the basic idea is taken from the facebook. That's it, good luck to all! Source:

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