Chronic Man

X women I observed in the Internet, a text where seems to be reply to a feminine commentary on the advantages of being? woman. I believe clearly that we exactly have to reflect the respect, that has types of commentaries that excuse our attention of so coarse that they are. But they are commentaries. All have right to the freedom of? exposition of its thoughts. After all, of the skill that the things walk, it is well possible that any day of these has, in the way politician, left total come back toward men and others for women.

It pulls! This is a type of homofobia.o/. Let us observe the phrases and next to them, comments: 1 – A trip of five days requires only one knapsack. The man is practical, but he leaves to desire. In many situations it depends on care and security materna that the woman possesss. 2 – Telephonic colloquies finish less in 30 seconds or. To the times they do not have subject. Man really likes action. Woman imagines the action.

Or she would be has imagination? They have that to place subject in day. rs. 3 – Nothing of lines for the bathroom. It is not therefore that it has increased the arrests on the part of men who make the n 1 in public ways? 4 – You obtain to open pots. Nor always he needs yourself force, but yes of the sensitivity found in the women. Nor always the force decides everything. ! 5 – To taking a walk for the canals of the TV, you it does not have that to stop when sees somebody crying. Lack of perception and attention. Man does not cry rs. He is therefore that many men lose a great love. For never noticing it or spending more time with PCs, TVs, Internet, games and other types of diversions. 6 – All its orgasmos are true. Everything for some men funny around orgasmos and not of a deep and real feeling, only lapse desire. 7 – You do not have that to load a full stock market of tralha pra low top and pra. He is therefore that the necessary man to have as accompanying a woman. He forgets everything! Without counting that it had as ancestor a woman 8 – You can go to the bathroom without a group of support. If a man will be for the bathroom with another folloied man, or it he is deficient, he is total it are of its control, or she is really homoflia. 9 – If its work is criticized, you is not finding that everybody hates to it. Ah nor always it is thus. It has men that in this point they leave to desire, or then has the feminine spirit, if it is that we can use this term. 10 – Nobody is speculating on if you cospe or swallows. We really need to know which the direction of the education. Education is not only for women. The instinct of the man (male of the race human being) nor always are of impolite. ‘ ‘ Education is for all and pronto’ ‘! Who would not like to have the woman whom it desires to its side? Exactly that they have all the characteristics that men criticize. Woman is woman and no man lives can live without one to the side. It complete it! He is this!


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