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This Japanese puzzle are now digital extremely popular. Its electronic version has about a thousand options arrangement of digits in a special way – how much fun it will give the owner! Your hairy fidget feels quite grown and I am sure that long ago grasped all scientific wisdom? He can not imagine life without sports or dancing? Then he seemed to appreciate the wonderful interactive mat! Its connected to your tv, then using all sorts of notation, choose the appropriate menu option and begin to compete in dancing or chosen sport with human figures on the screen. The music needed to keep pace with the exact repeat of their movement, attacking at the same time on different symbols shown on the rug. Can compete with friends, counting at the end of match points and bonuses, and choosing the winner. Yes, with the pad on the charge once again reminded not have to! Make a New Year a memorable the child will not only unique gifts, but also innovative ways of presenting them. For example, the "pirate map, forgotten under the tree scattered Santa Claus, who recorded on it location of the gift, but forgot to get it from its hiding place. Deciphering the signs and mysteries on the map, kids always went out and brought the treasure.

Treasure Chest will be happy to both boys and girls. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Uber. And chocolate coins found in it, with a good appetite and eat those, and others. Add in the chest children's jewelry for girls and pirate binoculars – quite true! – For boys and admiration offspring is guaranteed. Your inquisitive child interested in interstellar travel, astronomy, and other stellar Wars? Seizing the moment when it will not be home – and okleyte ceiling or walls of his room images of the constellations, covered with phosphor. This composition makes the stars glow in the dark soft emerald light. Map or atlas starry sky, a sword or a model space station will be on this background is even more valuable gift. Do not miss the chance to give your child a fairy tale! After all, perhaps, when the kid grows up, this is the New Year's Eve will be the most striking his memory. How did that come from one of my acquaintances, who once found in the country under the tree the most common winter outfit.

But in the socks over the fireplace, there was nothing but holes. Upset little girl out of the country house and got into fairyland. Suburban area was transformed from light garlands. And under every snowbank, decorated Christmas toys, a girl was waiting for a gift: a mirror, chocolate medal, hair clasps and Joy Surprisingly there was no limit! It turns out that gifts just crumbled from "packaging", but Santa Claus did not notice! Sure every family has its traditions celebrate the New Year and delivery of Christmas gifts. Festively decorated room, garlands and candles, the Christmas tree – all this creates an atmosphere of celebration and magic secrets. Believes a child in Santa Claus or not – indifferent to it will not leave him. A corresponding increase in the holiday mood before his eyes the value of any gift. In particular, if he is chosen taking into account his interests and hobbies, chosen with love, beautiful and unusually packed, and – most important! – Awarded to the invention. Happy and magical New Year!

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