Client Loyalty

A often little considered aspect is the one of the loyalty of the clients. The reality is that, nowadays, to close each sale a battle can be considered as won. The competition is very strong, at the same time as the consumers move away more and more of the model of the compulsive buyer to think and to reconsider each purchase, evaluated not only costs but comparative advantages between both supplier. A rule exists that must guide ours to drive online, and that will have like result nothing less than to assure our survival online: the three " C" , " Captar" , " Convencer" and " Conservar". It is clear then that a fault in anyone of these three aspects would be fatal for our aspirations of success. By this cause, it is necessary to take some type from collection to turn each conducted purchase, in the beginning of a relation with the client, and to obtain that is only first of many purchases.

Here it is when the concept is born fidelizar. And if to obtain the sale it required of a whole process, fidelizar to the client it implies to realise a still more concerted effort. These are some ideas that are presents in all process of loyalty: Conocer the client. For this, it is necessary, first of all, to have a true interaction, beyond the mail of gratefulness by the purchase and the shipment of the invoice. Seguir the interaction, although the purchase process has been finished. Beyond the classic form of survey, impersonal, and generally long, which determines that many users never get to complete it. In this situation the best thing is a customized mail, where simply it asks the user not more than four or five representative questions to him (how it arrived, how it would describe his experience of purchase, what it seemed to him the process, if it were to him simple or confused, would recommend our products and services, etc ) customized communicated Enviar newsletters and, informing new supplies, inviting to prove products, clear etc habitual Queda that we did not talk about newsletters, but to customized communications, cradles in the file of purchases, and the profile known that user. Ofrecer tangible discounts in successive purchases Ofrecer coupons of discounts, real coupons, that can be sent by postal mail.

Tmese the work to create cards or coupons " agradables" in view, and that demonstrates the value convincingly that they own. Trabaje much the contact with clients and potentials clients through the social networks. Hgales to know that its company will be present there, beyond of to have made specific the sale. To conserve the clients obtained with as much effort is the first step to create a stable customer, and lasting, it bases indispensable to obtain a viable growth. If it has liked this post and wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to original Author and source of the article.


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