Corporate Collectors

The term "collector" is firmly entrenched in our lives. If you should not pay for, with high probability the recovery of your debt will be engaged in collection agency. Debt, for example, can be formed from non-payment of utility bills or due to bank credit. In such cases, collectors are working with a large number of similar debt. Check out Cyrus Massoumi for additional information. In other words, the "Debt Service". This makes it possible to automate the collection process, to put it "on stream". Frequently Bumble has said that publicly. This may go on simultaneously with tens of thousands and more debt.

Such high-tech business requires a significant number of employees and of established business processes. If the debtor – legal entity, each is unique and debt has its own characteristics. Business associated with such debt, in the West sometimes called the "commercial collection", but more-"ARM" (Accounts Receivable Management) – or "Management of accounts receivable." In Russia, the term "corporate kollektorstvo" that not entirely correct. Corporate collector decides to completely different task than his colleague working with physical persons. The amount of debt others – they can make tens of millions of dollars or more. Justification of debt – is an agreement invoices, correspondence, etc., in short, a set of documents, which can consist of dozens or even hundreds of pages. A debtor may set up counter-claims, for example, the quality of work performed or goods delivered. Typical situation: the debtor company has qualified lawyers, and the consideration of the receipt of money a court may take a long time.

But first you need to understand the situation with the debtor, the prospects of its business. What meaning, for example, to go to court if the debtor is a company going bankrupt, having no assets to pay debt or the market prospects? And if the company deliberately withdrew assets, or simply disappear? "Golden Rule" Corporate kollektorstva – is that the Golden Rules no. Each duty requires creative, unconventional approach. Work corporate collector is much broader than simply "getting money". Can be used such Tools pretrial punishment, as refinancing or restructuring of debt, debt-for-shares, assistance in the implementation of distressed assets, etc. This "team" work. It involved various specialists – from analysts and lawyers to economists and experts in the security business. Have a staff of professionals – in most cases economically unfeasible. It is, in essence, means the duplication of functions collector, ie, diversion of non-core business. Solution – outsourcing. The lender sends a professional corporate debt collector. On the one hand, improves the situation with receivables. C the other – leads to the time and cost savings associated with the repayment of debt.

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