We occasionally read news that surprise us. Especially on the internet, where many times we do not know whether we are cheating, we are still victims of one joke or simply the information is not correct. I try to be careful with the things that I don’t understand, compare sources and seek trusted Internet sites to ensure the accuracy of the information.As well, I read in various media news of that kind, when misses less, and above related to meteorology. It turns out that a few days ago, a spectacular rain of blocks took place in Coventry, a British town. According to the testimonies of some of its inhabitants, the streets were filled with apples and even came to fall carrots and cabbage is not the first time that they fall things in heaven that should not fall. The most unexpected rains include, besides those of fish, crabs, spiders, frogs, Blackbirds and other animals, and more fruits and vegetables know how little given I am to believe me nonsense and the effort that I try to do so together we pseudo-tolerance conspiracy theories and the truth shine.

So I had to write this post to assure that this type of so rare rains can be perfectly possible.Cartoon humorous English of century XIX cheap football jerseys WikipediEfectivamente, there is an explanation for this type of phenomenon. As we talked sometimes, storms have both ascending and descending wind currents that sometimes are very strong. We can imagine the most intense as large vacuums that van traveling the land, sucking it passes many of the things that are. Of course, tornadoes and waterspouts are ideal vacuum cleaners, the most powerful that exist, and suck small objects or animals that are trapped in the Vortex into the atmosphere. By a tornado, or an ascending current, these objects travel along with the storm being dragged, literally flying with her, until conditions disappear, the tornado or waterspout melts or descending currents are stronger than the ascending. At that time, dozens of kilometers even where she was collected, T-shirts of Soccer replica objects fall to the ground, mixed or not with rain, hail, etc and that is when they rain down things that should not be llovidas, and however, there are tests.

There are many documented rains of this type, since the Roman Procurator Pliny, back in the year 77 before our era already described a rain of fishes in his Natural history. However, I can imagine many people thinking that the gods should be crazy, either that them were punishing or rewarding with mana of sushi when people are not prepared to understand what happens to your around, invented theories. This is something that has always happened in the history of humanity, now is still happening and will happen in the future. It is normal, in the absence of buy football jerseys 2012 explanation. Poor, therefore fools which, having irrefutable proof that explain your doubts, followed by the path of stubbornness and obscurantism. By which the There is, Yes, and I speak of the 21st century.

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