Direct Marketing

Companies use Direct Marketing by its effectiveness and the speed of implementation underway actions. To this we should add the possibility of customize shipments and to interact with the receptor. Used with relative frequency direct and Interactive Marketing in combination with conventional media, especially print media, and is valued very positively its contribution to the media Plan. Direct and Interactive Marketing actions have a great efficiency. As a whole they have motivated a purchase or hiring a service for 7 of every 10 receivers. If we look at the different printed Direct Marketing media, note the following: print media are the channels through which s prefers to receive the publicity and have a greater reach among professionals that the actions carried out through other media. The catalog is that most like to receive, one means more attention is paid to those who and that generates greater inducement to purchase. Corporate magazine shares many values with the catalog and reaches higher levels of reading and conservation.

Addressed mailing is one of the most used tools. Very positively evaluates their effectiveness and highlights for making feel special by his capacity for loyalty and receiver. The fax, as a method of direct Marketing in the B2B market is annoying and intrusive and a quarter of professionals reject him. Telephone marketing is especially annoying and intrusive and is one of the media most criticized by the receivers.

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