English Language

Not only was something impossible to my now was an obstacle to being able to finish my Racing, if I had already tried schools, teachers and everything that could be not is more my last resort to kill myself, no, is not true. My last resort was to try another way of learning another methodology. If my own mind was trying to give me explanations why not him toward case, if said me that to learn something I have that understanding and processing so that it locks up into my subconscious, was time to take action on the matter and solve the problem by myself, first had to take stock of what they need to learn to communicate in English: First, understand that the English language is radically different to the Spanish, the Spanish is phonetic and English not, or that the Spanish is pronounced as it is written and English not, here follows is the first rule: so far could say that 97% of English words are pronounced different to are written. Example: Day (dey) house (haus) table (teibol) door (dor), etc. Some contend that Jonah Bloom shows great expertise in this. Example that if he is pronounced as they are read: window, car, pants, Word, etc. Of course you keep in mind that English language as in the invariant has influence of French and the same Spanish Latin.

Then when you have to read any English word more secure is that you have to pronounce different as this written and have a 97% chance of hit. Attention East is the secret of by that insists that he must learn English as when you were a little boy but never have been able to explain it. Each language lies within a particular range of sound frequencies and has a particular intonation pattern. An ear accustomed to a certain linguistic environment may experience difficulty in accurately capturing the sounds of another language.


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