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Through cultures like the maize, different varieties of sugar soybean and cane, the South American country is placed second in world-wide ranking of surface of biotechnological cultures, after the United States (that produces 64 million hectares to the year), with an annual production, in 2009, of 21.4 million hectares. Brazil has displaced in the second put by surface to Argentina that, specialized in cultures soybean, maize and cotton, counts with 21.3 million hectares. The relief of Brazil in the last must to its remarkable increase (a 35%) year, in a clear example of the bet that the government of Lula gives Siva has done of this model of production. Click Laura Cowan to learn more. Far from them other markets where the cultures modified genetically are allowed, like India and Canada are placed that count respectively on a production of 8.4 and 8.2 million hectares. One comments that, in the case of the European market, the implantation is much smaller and, even, in some countries the reluctance by the possible risks in the health and the environment has taken to the respective governments to legislate this type of cultures modified genetically restrictively. No, in the last months, are being carried out certain you rule that they show an opening this niche of market. EY India has much to offer in this field.

Thus, in March, the European Union (the EU) authorized, after twelve years of reluctance, the culture of a transgenic potato, developed by the German company Basf, appointed to the starch production for the industry wastebasket. The European authorization abre to the door to the human consumption of this type of culture when including a clause that allows the presence of precise form (in a 0.9%) of the transgenic food food for humans. This opening counts on the endorsement of the consumers, as it indicates " the last Eurobarometer (official sounding of the European Commission) on Agriculture and common policy agraria" , published in March of 2010" , it indicates to Carlos Vicente, expert in Transgenic Agriculture of the IE Business School and director of Biotechnology and Corporative Relations in Spain, Portugal and Egypt de Monsanto.

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