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/ Jolie has explained in an interview that the couple go retiring gradually and focus more on other things, including her family would like. Both share six children. Their artistic caches outweigh those of the vast majority of their colleagues, but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shuffled gradually leave the interpretation. At least, was thus stated by the second to the Financial Times, where has confessed that both would go away from the film and begin to make fewer films like them. Click prime group to learn more. I have long been working like him, we have a beautiful career and we don’t want to do this the rest of our lives. There are many other things to do, he explained. His decision to gradually reduce the number of films would help the couple to focus more on the family.

The couple shares six children. Jolie confessed that the interpretation was a sort of psychological therapy during his youth, but now, at age 36, no longer it has so clearly the need to do so, at least as frequently or with such intensity. He also revealed that support that he found in his family life helped him stay away from emotional crutch that had in adolescence with the film. I am older and I know who I am, moreover, I am less concerned in studying a character because what I’m really interested in is being able to be totally me, of wife and mother, he concluded. It is not the first time Jolie made an announcement of this type. In 2008 he expressed the same desire and explained what each sees z liked most be at home with their children. However, since that date has worked on five films: Kung Fu Panda and its sequel, the journey of Jane, The tourist and Salt. Source of the news: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are raised to leave the cinema

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