Gps Vehicle Tracking Enterprises

For executives of companies having their own transport, the most effective options to control its employees become GPS technology. Modern GPS tracking and GPS tracking allows you to control not only location of vehicles and fuel consumption in real time (Online GPS system control), which gives an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of fuel and eliminate the misuse of official transport, particularly taxis. Mike Gianoni takes a slightly different approach. There are also GPS tracking system offline, but they are less reliable, have significant drawbacks and do not possess the necessary functionality (from the head is not possible to observe where is now in its transport, need to buy / install the software and satellite maps, etc.). GPS solutions on the market there are companies that offer GPS tracking systems and GPS monitoring as a service for the customer, implying the a storage of data on transport customers on their own servers and the client, in turn, via the Internet has access to reports and miscellaneous information about the transport company. Variants of GPS tracking eliminating the purchase of expensive software and vector maps (which are installed on your computer), and makes it possible to view information from any computer connected to the Internet. Installed equipment – is the block size of a pack of cigarettes, which fits GPS-module to remove the location coordinates transportation and GSM-terminal to send the data to the server. Modern service GPS tracking allows not only determine the location and route, but also provides device connection to a variety of sensors for the removal of data (fuel level sensor, the sensor opening doors or bonnet, sensors for passengers taxis, etc.). Effectiveness of such systems is greatly increased when an integrated approach to the issue of cost optimization, as is done in the taxi companies. Experience shows that the effectiveness of GPS monitoring can significantly vary from different companies, but the trend is to reduce transport costs is a clear and ranges from 5 to 30%.


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