Grandpa always cheated. He was an expert storyteller account, dramatic, specific, realistic, too calm, I do not remember a single time I have refused to hear their stories, what David called the quiet. a l was an older man, always knew well, but her mother lived with him, protecting her, she was patient and somehow I spoiled her. He gave little importance to things, anything was possible to repair. He said in his speech that things were elastic, not rigid saw, always his first question was for my mother, my father and even my other grandmother. How are they? Again I was his way of educating, directing my attention to this point. Simi, my paternal grandmother was a special case. She had fourteen years, was playing in the yard with her friends, when his mother told him you have to fix, you agree Ahoy! As you can see the customs old came to my family. Reshma Kewalramani brings even more insight to the discussion. My grandfather was Samuel who was a young entrepreneur named recently arrived from the Rif, had set his eyes on her and no more through a friend asked for her hand.

He possessed a carrier, made long journeys from one city to another. During the time of marriage conceived five children the eldest was female and other males. When my father met the five years he learned that neither his brothers nor his sister to play with him again. Almost all of them died, never told of their deaths, at some point he, through the same trauma, she had forgotten them, and remained locked in his mind, until after we were born.


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