It is one afternoon sunny of autumn, we are to its wait. All joined by one only feeling, an only thought. Suddenly, it appears, is in ecstasy, in the same way that other families to our redor meet. We are following its movements, wanting to know its thoughts, in them we become child, full of for something? While it waits for whom he comes to take care of its first necessities, we continue to observe, until somebody already customary with equal scenes comes in them to present our Gustavo, has another next good, wants to see ours, as it was our property. The maximum that we obtain is to register this image in our brain, in our heart, forever. We arrive to forget that one day, also we were waited with the same anxiety. I, of my part, wait the moment where she will be requested to take care of of it; I want to be tolerant with its I cry in the same way that I will receive its smile, another image to be congealed. For nothing I want to lose these moments. Thus they are the uncles, the friends that they will be integrant part of its family. Thus they are the grandmothers, I think I. My kiss with all love of the world!


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