Helena Polyanin

If we put on a romantic silk dress – we'll be gentle and sensitive, and if put on a strict business suit – all the obstacles, we will be on the shoulder, and if put on slacks and comfortable blouses made of silk – it means we are willing to communicate. Is not it? Clothing – a great tool to get rid of boredom, tension and stiffness. And the author's clothes – it's a great way to change something in your life, do not you think? Women's Clothing to order. Copyright Atelier Helena Polyanin – is the production of women's clothing in Moscow (the top women's clothing, Moscow) for individual orders, sew various types of clothing for men and women. It is also a professional shop women's business clothing, women's business suits, where you can, say, buy a trouser suit and top selling women's clothing created several copies of authoring – one of the our work. But the main thing in our business are our beliefs and principles.

We believe we know that beauty – is unique. Each woman is unique, and studio Helena Polyanin considers it his professional duty emphasize this. In our studio you can order a sewing blouses, trousers, dresses, jackets and sewing of women's clothing made of various materials, including natural (leather and fur). Our creativity is not limited by anything – and you can always take part in the creation of a unique thing, if desired. We are always happy to try to meet all the needs of our customers and provide the most complete advice of professional designers, stylists and cutters in the implementation of each order. Produced in our studio stuff is not just exclusive – they are primarily qualitative. They will last much longer than any bought in shops and boutiques, not lose their freshness and beautiful appearance, even if you wear them every day. In addition, the studio Helena Polyanin (shop women's business suits, top selling women's clothes) you can also buy sewing blouses and ready-made clothes of a copyrighted work (for example, to buy trouser suit). Come to us, our selection will amaze you nice! Exclusive women's wear from Helena Polyanin works wonders, and miracles are taking place in your soul. We – all only help you to uncover.


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