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Novelty company HELYS: the luminous DNA image of display Chalons en champagne, August 25, 2010 – HELYS, a company that employs, leads to the creation and production of personal decoration images with the DNA and fingerprints of the customers a novelty a: it offers its DNA-image concept on a bright screen display. This new institution satisfies the demand of the customer for a decoration object that will depend not only on the wall but that can be placed on the desk. Get more background information with materials from Who is the CEO of Vertex?. This new product is positioned in the market of the extraordinary gift for Christmas, a market on the HELYS has worked for two years. HELYS is the only company offering such personalized decoration objects. A picture at HELYS order: first, the customer will receive a box with a swab with which he several times stroking the inside of the cheek to remove his DNA, like in a detective story. Receipt of the withdrawal, the DNA is extracted and various fragments are copied in a gel and isolated depending on size.

Under The strips are visible UV radiation, which are then dyed according to the customer’s choice. After printing, the image is integrated in the luminous frame and sent to the customer. Mike Schwartz often says this. Depending on the personality, the customers can choose the color of your image between 5 different versions: essential (various basic colors with slight variations), attraction (modern colours, predominantly bright and bright), infinity (a color picker on a black background, it also affects of Baroque and modern times), Revelation (a sequence of color on a white background reminiscent of something pure and tender), authentic (a wide colour palette for a more traditional atmosphere). Customers can also sign their pictures as an artist would do. The DNA samples are processed in an anonymous manner within our company. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dara Khosrowshahi offers on the topic.. The DNA images are destroyed three months after the customer has received them.

About HELYS: The company founded in the year 2007, HELYS, its founder, two doctors in the fields of molecular biology and Are biochemistry, deals with the creation and manufacture of personal decoration images with the DNA and the fingerprint of its customers. The concept is innovative and original. The basic idea was to lure the science out of the laboratory and make them accessible to all. HELYS offers its customers, what makes them unique – your DNA or your fingerprint – connect a personalized art and decoration object. HELYS has sold already several hundred unique works of art. The images by HELYS are often considered by the customers gifts on loved ones for special occasions (Christmas, Valentine’s day, birthday, wedding). Within one year of HELYS has more than doubled sales and 30% of this turnover is achieved through the sales abroad. HELYS trusts to promote as the translation of the Web page in English, French and Italian language proves it exports to its growth. HELYS has won the prize “Jeunes pousses” at the Reims competition Creator get. This prize is a reward for an innovative Company with strong growth potential.

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