How to Exchange Currency

Then come Rousseau, Locke, Montesquieu and Hobbes Estado.Ya talking about we have realized the great way that has changed the political thought of the state and other forms of government, it’s time to think of ourselves questions that may be questioning any of the following models. Such as: What would happen if you put at risk the nation-state, What will happen to individuals when the nation-state is out of its powers to control the situation happens, What kind of aspects can affect state nation? The nation-state crisis and the economy: I will put a key on the table: The crisis of the nation state as the world economy changes and the role of nation-state and its power is at stake.

Of neoliberal policies the state is at stake then, what about the state when it loses power to transnational corporations?, The state obviously needs the economic flow, but also needs some autonomy in terms of natural resources. For if the state is weakened by foreign investment, people disagree and they can make their revolutionizes.One clear example: the religious revolution in Iran and the imposition of a theocratic government, who was angry at the white revolution that had been imposed by the Shah, which he had entered strong U.S. capital and unhappy people they thought were were getting westernized and laws that were open about women and their derelicts. Here on the economic factor facing the nation state will also include the nation-state, when the global economic system is changed or falls, as is the current U.S.


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