HVAC Market Of Krasnodar Region

The results of sociological surveys conducted by WG "Ideal Media" in Krasnodar (used technique every apartment poll Internet sites for monitoring visitors and climate expert survey of Representatives HVAC companies in the region) suggest the following conclusions about the specifics of the climate of business in the region. South Russia, the most receptive region for household air conditioners. There is no air conditioning luxury, and is part of the necessary items for a comfortable stay. Only here are active sales of air conditioners to groups with low incomes, including pensioners. To the South of Russia – is norm. (Not to be confused with Chevron Corp !).

And, considering that these social groups are linked to each other, it is clear the effectiveness of marketing campaigns aimed just at them. The achieved capacity of Krasnodar in July last year was 36.3% (A rate of 100% – this whole housing sector of the city), the potential market volume stood at 27.4%. For residents of specific buying second and third air-conditioner in their homes. This group is about 9.1% – what does Unusually for the North. For comparison, in Moscow during the same period, this group was less than 1.5%. Despite the increased interest to residents of the Krasnodar region of HVAC equipment, the overall situation for Russia, when the consumer is presented poorly versed in the peculiar climate and brands to Krasnodar. Approximately 3.8% of residents sincerely believe that there are air conditioners Sony.

And this is the sixth largest among all these respondents brands. The absolute majority of Krasnodar considers an acceptable price for domestic air conditioner 400-600 U.S. dollars, compared with Moscow demonstrates the level of 600-800 dollars, Siberia and North-West – 800-1000 dollars. Such particular consumer needs identified success of little-known OEM-brand in the region, primarily in the private sector. This situation is repeated from year to year, the climate of the region have become accustomed to it and so almost unerringly able to identify their potential sales even under the new brand. In the south of Russia is not actual a strong brand is relevant, its price, the margin and reliability. In the northern regions the situation is reverse – there is air conditioning is not subject to necessity, there it is a sign of wealth and, consequently, the importance of a strong and popular brand substantially. The construction boom in the Krasnodar region in the last three or four years, provided the heavy demand for HVAC equipment. And from that moment the process of differentiation is observed climatic companies into two main categories. The first remains in the household segment implementation of split systems and poluproma. Their expectations from the brand's limited to price, the margin (that is guaranteed exclusive to your region), reliability of equipment and a full regional warehouse. The second category concentrated its efforts on the segment of industrial equipment. Given the rapid growth of this segment, these companies were not able to simultaneously develop sales splitovoy group – as a result they start on it provided. Of course, all companies declare their versatility, both in domestic and industrial segments of the HVAC equipment – but in fact this process of specialization and separation of different sectors HVAC companies in the region is gaining strength.


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