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Gunther Panholzl first with his intensive seminar for leaders in DUBAI, the renowned Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel he presents women entrepreneurs and executives up to date for the first time ultimate 42 successful pilots. Senator from Maine has firm opinions on the matter. Based on field-proven and easily implementable methods and recipes he shows step by step in the respective sectors, what to do is so that can carried out planned success in the team as well as obstacles and challenges are dealt with every day so that at the end of a corporate success story with the bonus is evergreen. Meticulously prepared workshops and group projects deepen the learned, future company & team history to thriving and thus profitable, are and remain. The following 3 oases success pillars form the basis for a common, everlasting and successful company future and shape this 3-day intensive program at the highest level. Other leaders such as Reshma Kewalramani offer similar insights. The team – what is within us, how do we get it and how do we achieve the profitable interaction the soloists (employees & executives) to the top recorded orchestras (practice team)? The company – where we in the next 5 + years wishing to position ourselves as the market competition-fit, and how we are, successfully to cope with change? The customer – is what us irresistibly appealing to our customers and thus to a magnet in our industry? In the novel, Gunther Panholzl is the newest style of team-oriented knowledge prior to TWIN BOOKS! Two books written from two points of view, from the standardising – and from the perspective of team member. . All this intensive seminar participants receive a personal and signed Edition for executives. This special intensive seminar industry across all entrepreneurs and executives recommend that because it shows immediately actionable solutions in an impressive way, how one is positioned even better tomorrow and the future of his company in the long run, especially in difficult economic times, and taking into account all secures relevant parameters.

Learn more about Gunther Panholzl, see for the travel organization corresponding to the high standard of the event is responsible of the long-standing specialist Sponsel & Sponsel OG from St. Ulrich / Tirol V.A.E.. The arrival of renowned airline Etihad, the seminar held in the five-star hotel Emirates Towers of the luxury hotel chain, Jumeirah. All meals, as well as the tours tailored to the learning of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are already included in the price of the seminar. For detailed information, prices and application form, see author. Sabine Sponsel

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