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However, the true power of the balanced scorecard box appears when it becomes a management system of a system of indicators. BP wanted to know more. The scorecard box fills the gap that exists in the majority of management systems: the lack of a systematic process to implement and obtain feedback on the strategy. Around the frame of balanced scorecard management processes enable the Organization will match and focuses on the implementation of the strategy in the long term. The scorecard box expands the set of objectives of business beyond the financial indicators units. A company’s executives can now measure the way in which its units of business creates value for its current and future customers, and form in that it must enhance internal capabilities and investments in personnel, systems and procedures that are necessary to improve their future performance. The scorecard box captures the critical activities of value creation, created by experts and motivated employees of the organization. While holding, by means of the financial perspective, a short-term interest in acting, balanced scorecard box clearly reveals inductors of value for a financial and competitive performance of senior long-term. Definitive, suggested us that we see the organization from four perspectives, each of which must respond to a specific question: development and learning (Learning and Growth): do we can continue improving and creating value? Internal (Internal Business) business: in what must stand out? Customer (Customer): see how US customers? Financial (Financial): how us we see in the eyes of shareholders? Conclusion many achievements can be obtained with the use of the box of balanced scorecard, as it reminds us of Wikipedia, is a strategic management system of the company, which consists of: formulating a consistent and transparent strategy.

Communicate strategy across the organization. Coordinate the objectives of various organizational units. Connect with budgetary and financial planning goals. Identify and coordinate strategic initiatives. Measuring the realization, in a systematic way, proposing appropriate corrective actions * teacher of graduate of Faces, University of Carabobo.

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