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Online games have gained much popularity among the fans play computer games. A lot of games released each year – both qualitative and interessnyh or not. Online games can be distributed to the browser and play with client. Browser Game – a game that needs to run only your web browser. Playing with a client – a game that requires the use of a special client, and easier to say – the game itself, basically the client can download sites for specific games. I think you've probably heard of stykalis or friends about games like World of WarCraft and Lineage2. Well, that such and similar games and are playing with the client.

The first online games were just browser. They demanded, of course, an internet connection and browser IE, Ie standard browser Internet Explorer, which is still available with operating system Windows. Until now, many are browser games. Some of They are very very popular. Nevertheless, to replace the browser-games come with the game client, which won the greatest popularity among the players in the world. That there is only one World of Warcraft, played by millions people. Multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) – a genre of online computer role-playing game (ORPG), in which a large number of players interact with each other in the virtual world (mostly in the fantasy genre) in the virtual world, players can perform various actions, interacting with each other. There are also computer-controlled characters, including hostile (mobs).

The games for the destruction of enemies and reward is given points are added experience. The received experience points give the player level, and he uses it to improve the skills of the hero. Reward (game currency or valuables) form the basis of economic relations between the parties game. In many MMORPG players have the ability to create internal union, whose members may hold a certain policy in relation to other players and associations. In some games the characters at the first appearance in neutral world, in others – initially hostile to certain characters according to the plot of the game. In this perhaps finish. Just visit our site to find a suitable and you liked the game and have fun. Thank you for attention!

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