King Solomon

In ancient Egypt was growing interest in perfumes and cosmetics. In the period Cleopatra government reached a boiling point. The queen made use of a huge amount of incense, and she also created some of them. The Jews are enslaved in a country of high civilization, adopted by all the cultural achieve the Egyptians, including the art of perfumery. During the reign of King Solomon, spices were very expensive, and Jews are valued very highly, including a number of gifts of the king. Even the Queen of Sheba brought gifts to Solomon, such spices, which nobody had hitherto seen.

Jewish women have used aromatic smoke, perfumes, ointments, and also substances that create "scent of clothes", they were placed between the garments, and those who love luxury, even scented bed. Assyrians were characteristic of luxury and sophistication, they are widely used cosmetics and fragrance. Sardonopal king, the last Syrian Assyrian king, was dethroned a conqueror, but as it was lover of luxury, chose death for themselves a decent amateur oriental luxury. Order from the fragrant wood fire to lay down and went at it with their wives and treasure, and suffocated in a cloud of aromatic smoke. Centre Trade aromatic funds was Babylon and the Babylonians were the main consumers. The great conqueror, Alexander of Macedon unloved luxuries, after having spent some time in Asia, has a different concern for the welfare of civilization. He used to irrigate the floors rare spirits, as ordered in his presence to burn fragrant tree – the world.

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