KUPA Announces New 10-inch Tablet PC X 11 With Windows 7 To

KUPA X 11, a Tablet PC with digital pen, multi finger touch control, 128 GB SSD, and complete Windows 7 Professional and 10 + hours battery life. But is just one of many apparent novelties on the Tablet PC market the X 11? No, because the X 11 by KUPA is different than the standard Tablet PC. The digital pen of the KUPA X 11 characterized by an excellent accuracy of less than 0. 1 mm deviation and 1024 levels of pressure intensity. With these values, ranks the X 11 from KUPA, the best currently available Tablet PCs and out-competes the widespread touch-only PCs, whose Ungenauigkeit 11 is up to 15 times the X and which can distinguish no Druckintensitaten.

With the X 11 KUPA presents his vision of the next generation of Tablet PCs: Mobile, powerful and energy efficient. The use of pure solid state design and the use of technologies such as SSD noiseless design make the KUPA X 11 to a quiet and robust system that is perfect for work and leisure. The thin and cover of KUAP X 11 runs the lean and frugal Intel platform with 1.5 GHz. KUPA X 11 has the Intel processor with 2 GB of DDR2 RAM perfectly on the industry-leading 128 GB solid state drive matched and ensures thus a smooth system operation and plenty of storage space. It’s believed that Cornell Capital sees a great future in this idea. The KUPA X 11 has a battery life of 10 hours continuous operation and 30 days in standby mode, the best thing is there in Windows 7-based Tablet PCs. Nevertheless, it is only 14, 8 mm deep and easy from 895 g. With the Tablet PC KUPA X 11 you will remain always. Whether at home or in the Office via Wi-Fi and 3 G or linking with other devices through USB or Bluetooth, the Tablet-PC KUPA x 11 the user stands with family, friends and colleagues in constant contact.


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