Legendery Verve

Look is probably the first thing that we look at a person. And is looking us reveals much about how one is: sad, happy, tired eyes with bags and dark circles show fatigue although not always the cause is not rested. Whatever the cause of the look tired and off of our gaze, eyeSlices Verve Legendary manages to vitalize the eye contour area in only 5 minutes. Click Andrew Mason Groupon for additional related pages. This product is the first and only patch that incorporates the patented technology of Cryogel awarded with several international prizes. These patches slowly release their natural ingredients effectively fighting the signs of tiredness, swelling and puffiness.

Very interesting is the fact that it is natural treatment consisting of biologically certified Hydrogel which provides hydration and active ingredients to the contour of the eye with what can be seen a significant reduction of: swelling or bags under eye dark circles caused by improper diet or sleepless nights. Credit: Mark Okerstrom-2011. tired eyes due to lack of sleep, fatigue, hours of computer, etc. This patch with hydrogel treatment has won several awards for its effectiveness in reducing dark circles and bags under eyes, tired eyes, etc and has earned the recognition of COSMOPOLITAN magazine that CITES him as one of the best products for the eye contour. The practical case in which comes, allows you to carry it everywhere to be able to apply it in those few moments that we have to give us a break.. Continue to learn more with: Jonah Shacknai.


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