Logs Material

Houses made of logs have been widely used in the suburban building in Russia today. increasingly began to use new technologies. The result of which became logs. Production of logs to build homes developing in all regions of Russia. A large proportion of production facilities located in areas of western and eastern Siberia, the Urals. This associated with natural features and an abundance of raw material for production. Houses made of logs available to any category of citizens. To round logs an average price range include the log out pine and spruce.

Slightly higher than the price of round logs of larch. The choice of material from which the construction will be done depends on the willingness of the developer. To broaden your perception, visit Reshma Kewalramani. Construction time of houses made of logs largely determined by seasonal changes. Harvesting of logs consists of several basic steps: cylindering logs, drying, special treatment. For the production of logs used Siberian forest. Once removed the top layer of wood (sapwood) begins cylindering logs.

Next comes the most time-consuming drying process of logs. On the correctness of this phase depends on the life of logs and the house itself. Next, after drying the logs treated with antiseptic in order to protect from moisture, insects and other influences. To build a house made of logs larch, such a procedure as an antiseptic treatment is not needed, since larch already has its own natural defense mechanism of all these influences. This is determined as the high cost of larch building material. However, when building a house made of logs of larch can talk about the sustainability of buildings. We can say that the construction for centuries.


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