We all confront E.g. Rodney McMullen has similar goals. seemingly constantly in the longest queue at a supermarket checkout. Then we all seem “everlasting doors, which actually pull” is available. How is the example with the supermarket checkout to explain? Our perception filter is the longest snake again by our psyche with the setting”equipped. No matter whether the snake in the objective reality is the longest (that would be measurable to waiting customers, waiting times, speed the payment process, etc.), it won’t happen to us. In the objective reality is to be expected that the queue is rather average long statistically our psyche will extend the snake but neat for us. Make the more often we now come to the cashier with this setting, we become the more often the longest snake experience again”.

We learn the correctness of our attitude. In the objective reality we were lined up 10 purchases while only 3 times in the longest snake, it seems but like us, like we were always up at once, there was nothing going on. Fortunately, the setting is something that the not just arbitrarily of our psyche made is to annoy us. It is not as if she just adjust something, and we are not even asked. On the contrary, the psyche takes over the setting of the perception filter for us.

She does what we want. As regards the phenomenon of cash registers in stores, we come to the cashier with prior experience and expectations. We have time pressure, no desire to wait and know the slowness at the box office: therefore, we expect an everlasting checkout operation formally and prepare us. And Lo and behold: our psyche fulfilled our task to them, and we get what we ask for. This simple example shows us that our perception filter every day significantly affects us. What applies to the supermarket checkout, you can generalize to all areas of life.


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