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Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, attorneys at law and tax advisors can immediately benefit from a holistic email Newsletterkonzept customer loyalty of R & publishing creates and sends newsletters by email clients and patients of practising doctors and dentists, pharmacists, lawyers and tax advisors in their name. The loyalty of the patients or clients will be intensified through the regular cover of the email newsletter. This leads to a significant increase in sales in the medium term. In addition to the monetary aspect, the emotional bond strengthened by the regular, personal contact and the feeling of intense care caused by the recipient. The newsletter supports so the direct sales approach and represents a clear additional service in the area of customer loyalty.

The concept combines are creating by email info letters, the individual and personalized shipping on behalf of the sender and the possibility of evaluation. The email newsletter monthly to quarterly contain a free optional logo and contact information, a direct, individual customer approach and multiple, tailored to the profession article. The writers are professional journalists and qualified authors of the respective occupational group. In addition to the technical reference to convince the article through a short and easily understandable form. The messages are ad-free and in contrast to the usual pdf files in an easy HTML. The newsletter may be authorized on the website of R & publishing via a form. In addition, editorial content of the publishing house buyers to use their own publications are also available.

Will be shipped via a specialist and market leader in email delivery solutions. The use of the delivery platform ensures a fast and reliable shipping with guaranteed delivery. The data protection meets the highest demands and complies with the legal requirements, as only the each pharmacist, doctor, dentist, lawyer and accountant has access to its customer data. Sample newsletter for the respective customer groups you will find under: ../87-newsletter about the R & publishers of R & Publisher headquartered in Berlin has specialized in 2009 due to the increasing demand from the clientele of the liberal professions in creating email newsletters. The lack of market presence of a time-saving overall concept for doctors, dentists, pharmacists, as well as small to medium-sized law firm and tax consulting firms has prompted the Publisher to do so, to ensure customer loyalty on digital channels. So, patients and clients personally in the name of the sender are addressed and informed about current topics.


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