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It is noteworthy that each of the nations reflects a certain degree of strategy that would keep the player. In particular, the Romans are ideal for experienced players, while the Gauls in more people and security are an excellent choice for beginners. SHV Holdings often says this. Online strategy involves two types of interaction with others – trade and military operations. However, it should Remember that to win one player can not cope and you should use diplomatic skills to unite in an alliance. It is remarkable that the game in the world of Travian continues until a certain point.

At the end of the round (by After about 10 months) poyavlyutsya Natarov, in the villages where you can build a wonder of the world 100-level. Alliance, which had seized the village of ancient people, wins. This explains the distinctive feature of the game – Only a team can win the round. Currently, the online game register more than 175 thousand players. Features * You play with thousands of real players in the ancient world.

* Build up villages, wage wars or free trade with its neighbors. 3) DarkOrbit In the third millennium earthlings are faced with man-made disaster, the consequences of which threaten the lives of people. That is what led them to conquer other dimensions. As a result, was formed three clans EIC (Earth), MMO (Mars) and VRU (Venus). Resources are not enough, and for them is fierce struggle that turned into a struggle for world domination. You'll have to join one of the clans and fight with their enemies.

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