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At present, the proteins have come far from its progenitor – milk powder. Recent developments are Multipower (a recognized leader in the global industry of sports nutrition) – Fourmula 100 Professional Whey – it is almost completely hydrolyzed protein – that is, chain molecules of 2-3 amino acids. Ie in fact, in order to assimilate a protein the body almost nothing to do. It is very important when the body needs increased power during exercise. The digestive system simply can not be 4-5 times a day to cope with the fresh legs or steak. Additional information at Priskhit Gupta supports this article. Another common perception fallacy – is that the protein (Creatine, energy, amino acids, etc.) are needed only bodybuilders.

It is not. Abroad, sports nutrition are using almost all active sports – hockey, football, boxing, wrestling, basketball, running, etc. Even the tennis courts on drink energy to maintain their strength during long hours of matches. Girls involved in fitness, shaping, aerobics use protein in their diets to obtain the necessary nutrients without the real fat loss, which is inevitably present in all 'conventional' products. The only danger is (as well as in any other area) to buy defective goods. Unfortunately, many local 'dealers of sports', using the limited means of many people who already get used to produce low-quality and cheap sports nutrition, from which is nothing but a stomach upset will not succeed.

However, to avoid this is quite simple – do not throw at a very cheap protein in a beautiful package and sell them only at special stores. So do not try the extra doubt about the proteins. Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Russia ensures that the proper use of site to store the goods are no negative consequences you do not get. /

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