Property succinic acid increase the activity of cellular respiration, increase the body's resistance and to protect it from toxicosis, such as alcohol intoxication, overdose of vitamin D, pregnancy, etc., to some extent and can reduce the harm caused by tobacco smoking. Features of succinic acid to improve cell respiration, and intensifying the metabolism of glucose provide the body with energy needed to perform physical work, of course, attracted the attention of athletes. Succinic acid from glucose, helps the body to the athlete during training faster and easier to adapt to increasing physical exercise, to remove pain in the muscles peretruzhennyh. Pre-event athletes succinic acid helps to mobilize their forces to prevent a nervous breakdown. After the competition there is no exhaustion and depression, and withdrawal succinic acid does not reduce the potential for an athlete. As a universal means of activating the body's vital functions, and provides support for his energy, succinic acid can not not have positive effects on reproductive function. The use of future parents supplementation with succinic acid not only provides them with good health and a joyful sense of life, but also lays foundation for a healthy childhood of their offspring. During pregnancy, succinic acid facilitates the hormonal changes of the mother, helps to meet the increased needs of the organism in the stocks of energy, supports activity of immune system, prevent toxicosis reduces the likelihood of various complications. Fruit, while growing in optimal conditions, with a good supply of oxygen and nutrients, and fortified the placenta to the fetus prevents the penetration of various toxins, viruses, and bacteria.

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