New Wills

Why? Because glory without GOD does not exist, who everything creates. Check with Stripe to learn more. JESUS, the GOOD SHEPHERD the thief only comes to steal, to kill and to destroy; I came so that they have life they have and it in abundance. Additional information at Bipasha Basu supports this article. Evangelho de JESUS According to Joo, CAP. 10:10. There JESUS sample that It only has the capacity to supply the necessities that afflict the Peoples and why? 13 – He affirmed JESUS to it: Who to drink of this water will become to have headquarters; 14? that one, however, that to drink of water that I to give to it never more I will have headquarters; for the opposite, the water that I to give to it I will be in it a source to gush out for the perpetual life. Evangelho de JESUS According to Joo, CAP. 4:13 and 14. Being JESUS, the Founder and Supreme governor of the Planet Land, what It cannot give to all the Creatures to renew it to them hope, since all the Nature belongs to it; to the point Of it to say: He declared to them, therefore, JESUS: I am the bread of the life; what it never comes Me will have hunger; what it never believes in Me will have headquarters.

Evangelho de JESUS According to Joo, cap.6: 35. MANY HAD SCANDALIZED All the Humanity if it feeds of the Body of JESUS who is everything what he has in the Nature, and some had been scandalized why? If It only removed Air, the peoples would die to the piles. Who renasce in this Orbe, JESUS sustm with all its goods. It has something scandalous in this? Clearly that not! Everything was made here by It. It took form, because It wanted thus it. All the things had been made by intermediary Of it, and, without It, nothing of what it was made if made. Evangelho de JESUS Second Joo, CAP. 1:3. It is good for meditar in Old and New Wills and the Apocalypse of JESUS, to discover that all we are in the Land because allowed It.


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