Nietzsche Workmanships

If the author could intervene of this form with the workmanship, who guarantees in them that it did not have interferences of this type in the transcriptions and translations of the Bible? In the Antichrist, Nietzsche (Grifo mine. 1994) affirm: ' ' … Leiam the Evangelhos as the book of the seduction using the moral as resource: the moral was covered with a layer for this gentinha, they knows the importance of the moral! Through the moral it is conducted more easily humanity for the peak! … had placed definitively? community? good? e? right? , of one only side, the side of? really? , and the remaining portion? world? , of the other hypocritical and lying side … a small disforme multitude of started to monopolize the concepts of? God? really? light? spirit? love? wisdom? life? , as if they were its synonymous ones, stops with this delimiting? world? … ' '.

Both the authors they consider that through the word, considered weapon human being, can be transformed a well counted lie into an absolute truth. Through a persuasivo speech, it is possible to convince any thing a people desperate for justice. The Christianity in the Nietzsche Workmanships, when pair uping buddhism and Christianity, affirms to be the first a only truily positive religion, therefore fight against the suffering, while the Christianity fights against the sin. Saramago, however, supports a Jesus enclosed: if of a necessary side to satisfy the wills of God, of another one does not obtain to brighten up the sufferings of the humanity. In the Antichrist, the negation of the Christianity is seen under a optics social politics and. It has a concern of the author in showing that the Christianity was used as a form of the ruling classes to continue tripudiando on the people. This all basing on the fact of that to be Christian means to accept the will of God, a time that has the belief of that it does not have nothing that happens in the world that does not have the divine permission.


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