North American Independence

Whichever the positioning of the continuity or rupture between modernismo and after-modernity, is well-known that it had changes in the social, economic relations and politics. Adopting this notion of after-modernity, we can better understand the change of paradigm in the contemporaneidade, mainly to on questions to the education and the professor. Some revolutions as the Glorious one, the Frenchman and North American Independence had influenced very in the forms of relationships in a general way, also affecting the relation professor-pupil, its value in the institutions and the production of the knowledge in the contemporaneidade, making with that the professor feels itself devaluated, demoralized, disrespected, and disauthorized.

Different situation we can find in gnese of the teaching profession? , the Education had prominence in the society. Some factors as the teaching formalizao with the sprouting of the justinian codes of formation and capacities of organization of the professors in associations had together contributed very to consolidate the profession. Such prestige lasted until the decade of 1940, after World War II, passes for periods of incredulidades and uncertainties. The massificao of education contributed for the embrittlement of the profession, therefore it did not give conditions of that exactly happening this process, it remained the same quality or exactly well-taken care of that if had before with regard to the professor and to education. With revolution of May of 68, that it was a great revolution of young students who fought for the sexual release, magnifying of the civil law, end of the positions conservatives and hierarchy in addition, appeared a relationship horizontalizado between professor and pupil, breaking the paradigms of other times. Today, in classroom, professors find a series of difficulties related to its work as little professional recognition, overload of tasks among others. Had to the changes in the areas social, economic and cultural, we can verify that he had a change also in relation to the school that was seen as a place for search of knowledge, today is well-known that other sources faster exist as the Internet. from there, appears other dissatisfactions and bothering on the part of the professor who is the lack of interest and the disrespect of the learning.

He is necessary that professor and pupil search a respect relation, considering new sources of knowledge production where professor and pupil carry through together the search for knowing. In made interviews to understand the condition where if it finds the professor today, mainly in the construction of the knowledge/to know, it is observed that the great majority of the interviewed professors agrees that the construction is made with recyclings, exchange of information, however, the pupils they come the professor as to whom he advises that of the support and not accurately as somebody that transmits knowledge, however, although the decline of the teaching profession, some pupils tell the importance of more attractive and dynamic lessons that arrest its attention. In such a way, the inclusion of initial and continued formation of the professor, either of basic importance is given credit that.


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