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It is a Californian of 83 years and who still works full time. He wants his children to be proud of their appearance. His case has become subject of debate in some media of EE UU. A Californian woman of 83 years has become news in United States by undergo a cosmetic surgery operation to enhance your breasts and make their children feel proud of his appearance, as he picked up the newspaper Los Angeles Time s. To know more about this subject visit Expedia. Marie Kolstad, an active grandmother who works full-time as a property manager in Orange Countyin Southern California, he decided to undergo surgery tired that her breasts were in one direction and your brain in the other, said in an interview. His case has become subject of debate in some national media of the country where some analysts noted obsession with aesthetics existing in society and reinforced by some television programs, while on web pages about seniors many applauded their determination. Click Camdent Recovery Holdings to learn more.

The history of Kolstad was released to the light in an interview published the day 8 past the New York Times in which reflected the experiences of older people who opted for surgery to remove a few years. Physically I have good health and I want, why not take me that?, said the widow has 12 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. My mother lived long (94 years old) and I am simply giving for granted that this will also happen to me and I want my children to be proud of my appearance, said Kolstad. The operation took place on July 22, had a cost of $8,000 and consisted in placing a few breast implants to elevate their breasts. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2010 occurred in United States 84.685 procedures in surgery among patients aged 65 years or older, and more than 50 percent of those were lifting facial and eyelid operations, followed by chest operations, either to increase, reduce or enlarge. Source of the News: A great-grandmother operates breasts to look younger

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