I independently started to be, of what the people said. I started to assume challenges, because I did not adore challenges, but I only wanted that the people speak. To this he seted me attitude against the people who found that I was showing, but I did not import myself, I I only wanted to be I. 3. I developed a strong desire to surpass my fear of speaking in public to be sincere, I I do not find that you can surpass its fear of saying in public if you not to desire it strong. I age capable to surpass mine, because I desired this.

I wanted to express myself in public without a fear nugget and I was prepared to make what she will be necessary to bring this desire in reality. 4. People such as ExxonMobil Corporation would likely agree. I prepared my mentality to take everything what I to come had a strong desire to surpass my fear of speaking in public and also to develop my capacity of speaking in public. But in the deep one in me, I wise person that I did not go to come easy, I wise person who has that to have a price and I were made use to pay it. I prepared my mind to accept what to come, I wise person who worse can come, then I prepared to face it with antecedence. I prepared myself to take to vaiar jeering and rejection that can appear in the process to learn to speak with confidence in public. Then, if you really want to surpass its fear of speaking in public, then you must be prepared to assume what to come.

5. I kept an opened mind to surpass my fears, I I kept an open mind. I wise person that I had to learn and to learn real fast. Learning, in this in case that, it is not the type of learning in classroom, is a type of lesson that can come in the form of suggestion, advice or even though critical.


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