Pharmaceutical Industry

The little online Museum of the company 4 Marketing Services GmbH, Ismaning, Febraury 2013: who is seeking creative, affordable and at the same time sustainably produced pharmaceutical advertising, C4 not get around. Today as it was then (since the establishment of the Agency in 1995), the company is specialized in all services relating to the creation, production, storage and shipping of individual promotional products and printed materials for the health care industry 4 marketing services (short C4). Today opens the doors to your long kept treasures C4 and exhibits: over 18 years of advertising material production for doctor and pharmacist, clinic and practice. Entering the small online Museum of C4. From A as in “anatomical models” to Z like “List boxes”. Since 1995 company 4 advertising material and medical supplies specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. Whether for OTC always the best Pharma giveaway – takes of course products or prescription-only medicines, C4 after pharmaceutical code.

Handkerchiefs for pharmacies, ultrasound gel for the doctor, syringe disposal boxes. Scissors or tourniquets… are the Pharma already realised projects of C4 for the clinic just as creative as extensively. Now C4 stirred in its versatile collection of scattered articles and high-quality service products and provides a small excerpt from 18 years of Pharma advertising creation. Click here to go to the showroom of the C4 pharmaceutical advertising: pharma_promotion.php who wants to, register for a general advertising eNewsletter or the regular info shipping to specific topics of pharmaceutical advertising can be. Simply send email to inga.trautmann(at) Matter of trust is advertising shopping? “Sustainability who buys for pharmaceutical company promotional products, know it already: the reputation of a company can theoretically by a bad advertising” be jeopardised. It is therefore extremely important that is respected in the choice not only on the prices. For C4, sustainability is a business strategy that addresses opportunities and avoid risks resulting from economic, ecological and social Developments arise.


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