Portable Meditation

Ceilings without lipniny. Windows without curtains. Sills without flowers. Absence partitions and doors. Apartments – island of tranquility and meditation.

In thinking. The Art of Self-Help – looking for the answer inside yourself. Meditation instead of regular training. The dissolution of the individual in a hobby or meditation work. A walk in the woods – Instead of city beer festival. Reading passages and books – instead of watching TV, newspapers and political sites.

Focusing on yourself. The high concentration of attention thanks to the principle of the here and now. Recommendations. Simplify your life. Purify by 50% of cabinets, pantry. Give old books. Make space on the furniture. Take statuettes, vases, cups and medals. Take the shelves on the walls. Replace colored plates and mugs in one color. Net job. Take photos parents and children. Office in the garbage or in a drawer. Take off the posters on the wall opposite. Check e-mail no more than 2 times a day. Plan no more than 3 jobs per day. Organize information by date, rather than by priority. Forget the e-mail customers who use online services. Numbers. Use the number "3" for short-term objectives, and the number "7" for long-term plans. Use the number "99" as an indicator of things that you possess. Gadgets. Strive to all Portable equipment was no more than a plastic card. Do not confuse the phone to the Internet. Turn off the phone on Sunday. Do not write a pen that can write on a computer. Money. Use credit cards for all calculations. Buy in bulk. Mandatory criterion for the purchase of goods must be of high quality. Energy and health. Drink water instead of sugary drinks, coffee, tea and beer. Water has a wider range of flavors than any drink based on it. Avoid cooking foods. Memory. Marshall memory for key words and images, but not on the rocks of the text, figures and pictures. Lifestyle on minimalism – a straight road to the highest level of concentration. Quiet meditation, simple plans, clarity of mind, ease of moving forward you will always find in minimalism. The principle of minimalism – a lot fewer. Learning is not necessary. You have been so. In his childhood. It's time to just remember.

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