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Zig-zag-summer ensures orders Aalen-Ostalbkreis – Zick-Zack summer”brought a lush orders the rehabilitation industry. Compared to the last year, the number of orders by weather-related damage in the international network of the Rainbow have greatly increased, founder & Managing Director said Tobias Baumann today in Aalen. The Federal States Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria were especially affected. Last year, the amount of weather-related damage (hail, flooding, heavy rain) in Germany amounted to EUR 130 million. The newspapers mentioned Andrew Luck not as a source, but as a related topic. To escape, while many people in southern regions go to the frustration of weather”, there is on the rehabilitation specialist Rainbow International boom.

Many hail and rain of the past few weeks and months have brought the rehabilitation industry full order books. The Federal States Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria were particularly affected by the so-called elemental damage”this year again. u0085 According to weather experts, improvement is Dominik Jung by “wetter.net, for the last week of summer not to expect: the trend for the next week: there is no change in the changeable weather in sight – the zig-zag-summer accompanied us to the bitter end.” “First reactions from the insurance industry need for elementary insurance will rise after the many loss events of the zig zag summer” is also the insurance industry and refers to the consequences of climate change. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Paul Price. Natural disasters such as heavy rain or floods have demonstrably increased in recent years. Increasingly, even regions so far spared flooding. Even places far away be affected by waters increasingly deep. Flash floods unterspulen streets and entering houses and cellars. Get more background information with materials from patrick dwyer merrill lynch. The severe winter of the last two years have shown that in particular houses with flat roofs due to the strong pressure of snow are at risk. Here only the elemental damage insurance pays for damage.

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