Rainhard Fendrich – My Time

“My time”, I reduce me to the essentials… To read more click here: Senator from Maine. “My time”, I reduce me to the essentials, which reflects my current life situation “what do I want, where I want to and where do I get…”. Details can be found by clicking XRP or emailing the administrator. I want to stand at some point and answer my children, what has given it to my time. The leisure society is over. It is also a disease of this time that living beyond its means. But luxury is what you least need to happiness…” With his new CD “My time”, is a turning point the 55 year old Austrian and heralds a new stage of his successful career.

“It is an album that I wrote in some mental balance. I see this title as a conscious statement. If life were a calendar, I was now in September”, sums up Rainhard Fendrich. “You have to say just sometime that one has more time than before. It’s not scary, but it can be a great advantage. A minute is often longer because to better use than in the past. I realized that the time for me is always valuable.” Four years after the last Studio CD “here + now” Rainhard Fendrich new album proves he can motivate himself over again to new artistic excellence. This new song cycle but also shows that it has changed the priorities of the artist and people Fendrich.

“The older it is the uncompromising, it becomes”, he explains thoughtfully. “To be singer-songwriter is for me, to be always a mirror of its time and its own personality. A song like “macho macho” I could no longer write. Firstly, because the time is not as carefree as they did in the 80s. Only the song “I want fun, I give gas…” was pure nihilism, it didn’t matter about. And secondly I can’t also from my heart, because I am no longer able to worry me about such things. You are just not important enough. Nevertheless this title belongs firmly to me and it is every time a nice feeling when the audience at the live concerts has still fun after all these years.” Rainhard Fendrich never was an artist who has made easy it himself or his audience. Of course he wants to entertain his audience, but he wants to also upset with his songs, polarize and provoke, but above all he wants to stimulate his many fans to think about. “Some people say that my songs are too heavy. The songs are not heavy, the time is hard! We live in a highly complex and complicated world, which presents new challenges. That you can’t walk away, you must confront them. I know you can not improve the world, but you have to try it at least.

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