Residence Permit

Registration of foreign citizens in the residence, arriving on long-term and short-term visas to the Czech Republic. Your dream has come true, and you come to the Czech Republic as tourists, by invitation or on long-term visa. Attention is drawn to a small procedure: the registration of residence. It is necessary to issue, within five working days after crossing the border. Citizens who came to the Czech Republic on a tourist visa, this procedure does not apply. Speaking candidly Mike Gianoni told us the story. Their place of residence is known – is a hotel or guesthouse, which is required once every half a year to provide information on foreigners who have visited this hotel in the regulatory agencies.

A foreign citizen, arrived in the Czech Republic at the invitation, with a visitor's visa valid for up to 90 days should contact the police department for foreigners, and to receive oral notification and confirmation of its registration in computer-based police address of your host. For the completion of this procedure is necessary to know the address of the foreign police where to go on the register and bring the following documents: Original foreign passport and visa. The original invitation. Insurance for the duration of the visa issued, with the police officer the right to require a translated version of the insurance in the Czech language. It is possible, but not necessarily to provide air or train ticket with the date of departure. A statement from the property owner, the consent provision of accommodation for its address (may be in writing) a statement ("") on Form Police Note: Procedures registration, may issue and without the presence of a foreigner who needs a temporary residence permit.


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