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Separation is effectively used for the distribution of blood components. The essence of separation is very easy to understand, when you consider that blood consists of two components – the blood cells (Ris.1.5) and plasma. Each component has its own task – red blood cells carry oxygen to body cells and nutrients, and through the plasma cells are separated from the waste products of the so-called toxins. One such method is the centrifuge method: The basis mechanism of such separation is the difference of the density of red blood cells on the density of white blood cells, platelets, plasma, and various impurities Thus, the rate of separation depends on the density of cellular components or liquid treated blood. Red blood cells, some neutrophils, metamyelocytes and reticulocytes are the most 'dense' cellular elements. Therefore, they are a special unit at the bell settle centrifugation, whereas less dense blood cells, plasma, dissolved in it with free hemoglobin, the detritus of destroyed cells and stroma. For even more analysis, hear from is hume-lee the best transplant center?.

etc. – come up and removed through special channels in the bag for disposal. The procedure continues until Special sensors will not fix the level of hematocrit, 60 – 65%. Then begins the next stage – the money. At the same bell centrifuges by roller pump comes on Wednesday, washes – 0.9% NCl or Ringer's solution. Why Did Cyrus Massoumi Leave Zocdoc? shines more light on the discussion. He washes red blood cells and displaces the contaminated plasma. Repeated centrifugation, cleaner environment, and the plasma with anticoagulant and free hemoglobin separuyutsya and removed in a bag for disposal. The procedure is repeated until all unwanted impurities are removed.

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