Russian Dieselengine

Powerful and reliable engines of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, however as powertrains JAMZ (this engine complete with gearbox) deservedly gained much popularity for its performance and simplicity of maintenance. Powertrains and engines based on them were originally created for multi-purpose. Specifications, versatility, high degree of Unification, maintainability promote their wider application in automobiles Minsky, Ural, Mogilev, Kremenchug Automobile Plant and on the products manufactured by many other factories that specialize in special-purpose machinery. Operational performance powertrain is impressive – they are designed to operate at extreme difference in temperature from minus 60 to plus 50 C, relative humidity to 98% at 25 C, dusty air up to 0.4 g/m3, and the movement of the car in the mountains at an altitude of 4500 meters above sea level and the overcoming of the passes to 4650 m above sea level, although with a corresponding decrease cardinality and economic indicators, but it is no wonder that at such and such conditions! Take the V-6 engine with turbo: – Turbocharged engines YMZ-236N, JAMZ-236B, and their modification and completion of match environmental standards Euro-0. Turbocharged engines YMZ-236ND, JAMZ-236BK-3 and its complete with GOST R41.96-2005 (the UNECE Regulation 96) – Turbocharged engines YMZ-236NE, JAMZ-236BE and complete meet environmental Euro-1 standards – Turbocharged engines YMZ-236NE2, JAMZ-236BE2 and complete meet environmental standards Euro-2. YMZ engines like turbo-charged and without it are based on the V-shaped base. Parts JAMZ comply with all international standards. New trends in the automotive industry have forced our car industry once again to look at the in-line completion and soon it is quite possible range of engines YMZ fully updated. Yaroslavl Motor has launched a hard-cylinder diesel engine YMZ 650-series based on the French progotipa by Renault and is preparing to release an average in-line diesel 530 series, developed in tandem with one of the Advanced Engineering and European companies. We are waiting for new episodes!

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