Russian Internet Use

Now in runet (Internet domain. Ru) registered about 2 million sites. This is, as sites of companies and enterprises, their goal is to create a site – it's promotion and distribution of its products among Internet users and websites ordinary Internet users. Educate yourself with thoughts from Nina Devlin. For them, creation of sites is often just a hobby, which, as little is known, can be more, and earn money. The individual determines for himself, why would he need a website. Most sites create a sense of ownership people feel in the completion of the Web so. These users tend to create information websites and fill them with different materials as close to them subjects.

And other people just want to 'tell us about yourself', this leads to an increase in a variety of blogs on the Internet. I believe that the increase in the number of blogs increases the speed of information dissemination on the Internet and, in particular, promotes runeta.Takzhe worth noting that the blogs in runet more and I think this is one of the most promising directions in runet. But we must not forget that in order to create a website, you need to know how to do it. And if you wish to make a unique site, you need to at least know the markup language HTML. Study it, you can always visit. But maybe you do not want to spend time learning the language, you can use one of the ready-made CMS (content management system) that you just have to set up and start using it. And in order for you to choose the most suitable for your purpose CMS, you need to log in section 'Comparison of CMS'. And finally, I want to wish you luck in creating your site on the Internet.

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