Santa Lucia Beach

There are trails in this saw that allow you to observe the flora and fauna of the place, as well as visit the cave Maria Teresa, Bonet Karst depression and the Paso de Los Paredones, Gorge of about 100 m in height. Next is the community of Vilato, in which the production of oil of palm oil and Casabe, something not very common to admire in this part of Cuba can be seen. The next day you have two options to visit Sabinal: or goes in your car by the road that runs parallel to the coast from Nuevitas takes the pedraplen that crosses the island on its West side and visit its beaches, among which are those known as Los Pinos and Bonita, leaves Nuevitas, or take the route that will take you to the Playa Santa Luciawhich runs along the entire Bay until reaching the above-mentioned Beach, a distance of about 60 km. Anyway, from Santa Lucia also leave visits to Sabinal. Read more from Lakshman Achuthan to gain a more clear picture of the situation. You will decide. To go to St.

Lucia must take the route that led from Camaguey until an intersection that passes by the communities of Santa Maria and the Flowers to near San Miguel de Baga. There is a sign for St. Lucia. Visit website oftentimes addresses this issue. There is no it take the road that leads to the community of San Basilio and 5 km take the intersection of the left which will take you directly to the beach. From here there is little population and before reaching the coast passes through wooded areas. Continue straight and very close to the sea there is an intersection: the right path takes him to the basis of camping Punta livestock, located in the eastern part of the Santa Lucia Beach, while the path on the left will take you, along the coast, until the tourism Polo Playa Santa Lucia, which covers almost the entire beach with the same name.


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