SAP PLM Conarum Run & Record

Testing for SAP conarum SAP PLM consulting launches AddOn run & record at one of the largest automotive suppliers in the creating and changing master data (for example, material master, work plan, etc) is a muhseliger and often lengthy process because several departments are involved. With the conarum AddOn run SAP & record, these processes are automated and the current status of the process will be followed closely. Annoying consultation work is reduced and turnaround times are reduced. With the document management built into run & record all contribute information and documents are centrally managed. In the context of this issue, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers chose to run & record and now successfully launched the testing phase. Additional scenarios are planned at conarum: product data management (such as material master, BOMs, formulations, manufacturing jobs), engineering change management, supplier certification, spare parts management, development application and development change management, initial sample inspection, manage customer requests (Prospect management) and much more. Basically complex processes to be controlled in a heterogeneous data structure. Benefits r & r: – shortening turnaround times – discovery of organizational optimization potentials – central storage of all necessary documents and information – traceability and transparency of processes – worldwide homogeneous processes – integration in SAP business processes – integrated authorization concept – support Dokumentenversionierung – monitoring of processes – flexible expandability – multilingual contact: conarum GmbH & co. KG Zakri trail 3 84335 Mitterskirchen Tel.: 08725-96750-0 fax: 08725 941004 E-Mail:

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