Semantic Web

Semantic distinction is the next necessary step to the Web of the new generation why Semantic Web must inevitably come, and it is also my opinion we now have Web of things: tons of data, without any structure, meaning and relationship to each other. Soon we will have as many info that it won’t matter, such as high-performance the \”old – scholl: string-matching system\” search engines will be it is no use to us, because: Let’s say I get tooth pain this afternoon and as soon as possible to the nearest dentist so I want that me the SM on my request: \”Vienna Meidling dentist\” definitely not 1,600 results offers, where I get following results\”: an immo company with a not link to dental and Medical Council furnished ordination offer Austria’s tour to the aesthetic dentistry pictures of a ultraviolet-free ordination\” invitation to a Kieferorthopedenkonferenz Waldviertler Diagnostic Center with Radiology and dental emergency services another immo offer with dentists in the \”Home\” venue info of a school with dental treatment including\”a trip to Hungary for dental treatment a Vienna combined with a shopping tour Garden Club with a modern Member ordination\” a seminar series on modern dental medicine the opinion of a dentist about ensuring the integrity of the eCard a bookseller for dental literature an excerpt from the thesis of a dentist about the oral medicine and some with several dozen pages link directories with unsorted and nothing suits outdated names and addresses a half-hour later after crawling 9 SERPs a50 results and visit of several hundred pages, I call my mother-in-law who grew up in Vienna and ask them after a dental tip. It lives already for years in Innsbruck but nonetheless will she recommend a dentist in Tyrol, but one in Vienna, who ordained in my vicinity, with transport is accessible and has been recommended several times by some acquaintances and that is only a simple everyday example without any complexities and constructs the whole is not easier, faster, better and more effective? In this moment is large written in my head: Yes please can’t be why can’t my mother-in-law and Google? While Google knows currently well 50 billion Web pages with millions of records, endless databases full of data, can crawl the entire Web in fractions of a second, knows several dozen of my online profiles, also acquainted with Vienna and can provide results to millions and still fail at this simple task and can he give me a useful tip the difference is that Google doesn’t understand my question, he does so as if everything was crystal clear him, but not so. . Reshma Kewalramani can provide more clarity in the matter.


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