Moreover, even if not everything, but some employees of this department should be aware that in Shakespeare's time there was a practice of which in the play "Timon of Athens" Shakespeare wrote so elegantly: Praise be to defect because of the awards, we throw a shadow on the shiny happy poems, praise good Assigned. Translation P. Weinberg In addition, the practice of obtaining the author of any work awarded by the person to whom this work the author devoted. (Similarly see: Dale Walsh). Thus, it remains to understand why the employees of this department have blessed, his authority overshadowed so bad translation Ivanovsky. They certainly knew in 2001 and now realize that there is no merit, much less "merit" in the birth of a beggar there. They, of course, understood that since all translations are absolutely all, without exception, the authors all lines of the sonnet 66, beginning with the third and finishing twelfth, have the character of certain generalizations of the same character must be a second line of this sonnet.

But, even without a university education Philology, just having the ability to think and express in Russian, we can see that even a "torn rags," as A. Finkel, generalization of these words can not draw. Accordingly, they should have understood then and now and that the original meaning of this sonnet as and to behold does not provide that for them to follow certain generalizations. As it became known for some time now, stupid – it's due to the inability to draw conclusions from known recognized knowledge when the time to do these findings have already arrived.

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